The Sense Project is the sex education program at Head & Hands. We usually visit community centres, schools and group homes where during workshops we facilitate discussions and activities touching upon many subjects: STIs, sexual orientation and gender identities, decision-making, consent, communication, beauty standards and sexual myths.

Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has reduced our capability to offer workshops and fun conversations on those many subjects because we cannot reunite in large groups like we used to. As much as not being able to come to you all with those discussions was heartbreaking, this pandemic has also made us realize that these conversations should be ongoing and should exist outside of the Sense team having the capacity to be face to face with you. We decided to create this platform with exactly that idea in mind, we want to offer a platform in which you could come and find some answers to your sex education questions and learn at your own pace. This platform was made for you to explore different aspects of sex & sexuality at your own pace and level of comfortability. 

This platform was created by The Sense project Director Misanka and the Sense digital content creator Mahta.

Misanka is a sex educator currently working as the health educator at Head & Hands where she coordinates the SENSE project, an initiative where sex education is given in high schools with a peer-to-peer model. She’s a charming  libra and isn’t afraid to let you know what your chart means. Misanka has plans for the future of SENSE, where she hopes to create a more holistic and intersectional approach to learning about sexual health. As a Black woman, Misanka knows the importance of creating content which is appropriate and accessible to all people, not just a standardized model. Outside of work, Misanka volunteers as a tutor for elementary school youth and is also the co-founder or ChamPaint, a social initiative for people of colour to come together and celebrate themselves and find support in one another over a good glass of champagne and some paint art therapy.

Mahta Riazi is an educator and community worker currently based in Tio’tia:ke (Montréal).  After working within the education system for a few years, Mahta came to the Sense project through a desire to fill in the many gaps of traditional sex education and a frustration with the failure of most  institutions in offering informative, harm-reductive and inclusive sex ed to Montreal youth. Outside of the Sense project, Mahta enjoys writing poetry, longboarding, and befriending her neighbour’s cats.

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